An Afternoon in Rouen 18 June 2015

by Nick Schiciano

In the morning, instead of having our usual class from 8:45 to 10:00, the entire group talked with our teachers about how we were adjusting, cultural differences we see, and situations when we were outside of our comfort zones. The most difficult times seem to be when the French families brought someone to a party or dinner with other French people. During the second session of class we worked on our pronunciation.
In the afternoon, we went to Rouen, the capital of upper Normandy. We all started in a beautiful cathedral in the center of the city. After, we were given a packet of locations and a map to help us see the important sites around the city. Many groups used the packet as a starting point and then got food and/or played hackie sack, soccer or frisbee. One group almost completely followed the packet. While we were playing frisbee, someone threw the frisbee into a small pond in the middle of the park. It was too far from our end of the pond for us to reach it. Then Ian climbed down a small rock face and using a stick brought the frisbee back to us.
After the free time we met up at the place where Jeanne D’Arc was burned, also known as the Old Market. For dinner we ate at a restaurant in that area and had a Caprese salad and a steak. For dessert there was a delicious apple pastry with strawberries around it called "feuilletée aux pommes." Afterwards, we got back to Caen around 10:30.


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