Wrapping up Week 2 19 June 2015

by Hamilton Coiscou

Wrapping up the second week of visiting Caen, we started off with the usual classes, but with the absence of Mr. Diop, who took his family to Paris where we will meet him again, and the presence of a new teacher, one that everyone seemed to really like. She brought with her an exciting and upbeat tempo to the class by having us speak about french words that we didn’t like and splitting us up into small groups to make skits using words that we put on the board. These skits were definitely the highlight of the day with a lot of comedy and paying homage to the RL legend Jon Luc.

After classes, we went down to the local high school to meet up with the high schoolers again for what we thought would be an intense game of basketball. We had prepared a starting five and had custom made uniforms, ripping the sleeves off of the t-shirts that the university had given us and using the ripped off sleeves as headbands. We were ready to represent the homeland proudly. But once we came out of the locker room, and looked around at the room filled with girls in questionable gym clothes and very few guys, we knew that we were not about to have an intense game of France vs. USA.

We formed into groups of two, consisting of one of the high schoolers and one of us. We were all surprised when we were told that we were going to be doing basically a middle-aged woman’s workout of abs and cardio. There was a wide range of people doing the workout, barely doing it, and people not doing it at all. After the grueling workout, we split off to brutal games of badminton and card games. And then after all the organized activities, we finally got to have a 5-minute basketball game amongst ourselves that was far from the intense game we geared up for.

Before ending our visit, we took a group photo with the high schoolers, showing off our jerseys. We then had free time until dinner with our families where kids went off to do various things and prepare for the next day.


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