Canoeing in Pont d’Ouilly 23 June 2015

by James Hurley

Today, we started off the with classes at the University. We had one class where we worked on our fake personas from a soldier in World War II, and in the second class we worked more on our phonetics. After our classes we went to lunch and then met up to take a bus for our afternoon event. In the afternoon we went canoeing in a river about an hour or so away. We got in boats in pairs of two and I paired up with Hamilton to try and get down the river. At first we were terrible, we were 5 minutes behind everyone else and we couldn’t row in a straight line. We never got particularly better although every once in a while we wouldn’t be crashing into a tree or the river bank. As a group we went down a few rapids and we got to use a slide where we went down in groups of 2 or 4, or more and ride in our canoes into the water. Almost everyone capsized their boat twice. Once we finished using the canoe slide we started to head back to the dock. Hamilton and I were behind again, 3rd to last but we were instructed to stop for a minute so everyone could catch up and we took that as an opportunity to hop in front and we ended up getting back second despite not having much of a handle on the canoe. After we got everything sorted, we waited for the bus by playing a game of frisbee. After a bus ride back to Caen, everyone went home and had dinner with their families.


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