Honfleur, Êtretat, and Deauville 27 June 2015

by Liam Flood

On our last outing as a group in Caen, we traveled by bus to several cities along the coast. The weather was excellent for walking around town and finally swimming at the beach after we had cancelled for rain on Monday.

The first town we visited was Honfleur. We were given some free time to explore the city and buy some last-minute gifts and souvenirs before meeting up and touring the city with our history teacher Pierrette. I’m sure those who understand French enjoyed the history lesson. The rest of us were content to simply take in the city.

Our next stop was Êtretat, known for its magnificent cliffs. Once dismissed, a few of us went in search of the beach. I hope the locals weren’t too bothered by our blasting music or my pale "dad bod" on display. We were reluctant to go, but eventually it was time to meet again to scale the cliffs. The climb was brutal, requiring multiple stops to catch our breath, but the view was worth it.

After exploring the cliffs and taking pictures, we followed the path down. However, Hamilton and I thought we were dismissed to have free time before boarding our bus at three (these miscommunications are one of many reasons we wish we studied harder). The two of us went back down to the beach and relaxed for half an hour before we received a call demanding where we were. Apparently the plan had changed and not only did we not have free time, but we should have been boarding the bus at that very moment. We sheepishly hurried back under Mr. Sugg’s glare.

Finally, we set off for Deauville. After crossing off swimming at a beach from our list, those on the Spanish trip have nothing left to claim against us. We spent some time in the water, throwing around a ball and enjoying ourselves until Devin knocked Andy’s sunglasses off with a well-aimed toss. The glasses sank into the water, but were unbelievably still found. Soon after, we went to buy some food. Ian butchered his order in French just before me, so I was able to figure out how to get what I wanted. After eating we started back to our spot on the beach, only to find that everyone else had already packed up and was walking to the bus. Thankfully they didn’t leave our bags, clothes, money and phones behind.

Though maybe not as awe inspiring as Mont St. Michel or as moving as the beaches of Normandy, this trip was still an excellent Saturday voyage. If possible, my skin is even redder (I am convinced that my sunscreen simply doesn’t work) but there’s otherwise no reason to complain. Now we will depart for Paris, nearing the end of our French excursion.


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